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[EN] - Hello, friend.

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Just another infosec noob
Table of Contents

This is just a short post to describe the aim of this blog and what you will find on here.
And in case you wondered, yes this title is a reference to Mr. Robot. (:

Hello world ! #

Well, this is the first post of the blog. I’ll just describe what you’ll find on here.

Blog posts #

I’m not really sure what this section will contain yet. It will probably be news analysis, feedbacks on security topics and certifications (Offensive Security, ZeroPointSecurity…) and various technical posts about infosec and space.

Projetcs #

In this section, you’ll find the projects that I’ve been working on during my scholarship and my free time.

Writeups #

As a member of the MILF CTF Team, I often participate in CTF (Capture The Flag) competitions. If I find a particularly interesting challenge and if I’m not lazy to do it, I sometimes post writeups here and there. The goal is to show the way I managed to solve the challenge.

Music #

As a huge music listener, I love to make playlists. This is the place where you’ll find what I like to listen to during CTF competiton or while working.

Credits #

This website is running thanks to :