Projects I had the opportunity to realise during my whole scholarship at IUT d’Aubière (Network and Telecommunications), att the ENSIBS and during my apprenticeship at AlgoSecure.

(Feb. 2023 to Aug. 2023)

As part of my final year project, I was asked to develop Phish-U, a tool to automate the deployment of phishing campaigns to support AlgoSecure consultants in their missions.

(Dec. 2022 to Mar. 2023)

I had the opportunity to create several OSINT challenges for the Breizh CTF 2023 in Rennes.

I also helped other challmakers validate their challenges.

(Sep. 2022 to Feb. 2023)

The project is a research project. At the end, the main objective is to help securing satellites communications. This project was divided in two main objectives :

  • vulnerability research on protocols used in satellite communications
  • setting up a satellite simulator to test our proof of concepts.

Personally, I wanted to work on this project to discover the topic of cybersecurity applied into space in order to gain knowledge and to get out of my comfort zone. But also because space is a domain I find fascinating.

(Sep. 2021 to Jun. 2022)

The overall objective of this project was to evaluate the current safety of modern cars while raising awareness of the subject among car manufacturers and users. We have divided this project into 3 distinct parts:

  • Studies, tests and automation of attacks on the unlocking system
  • Studies and tests of attacks on the CAN Bus
  • Studies and proposal of remediation solutions.

(Nov. 2019 to Apr. 2020)

The objective of this project was to create and implement our own system of detection (IDS) and protection (IPS) of attacks on Wi-Fi networks.